Going Home Outfits for Newborns That Are A MUST HAVE

New mama? Experienced mama? Either way, every mama wants a going home outfit for their newest edition to the family! A cute outfit to take photos in and post on social media to introduce your little one to the world.

Or maybe you need an outfit or a cute swaddle for your newborn photo shoot?

Well, look no further!

Posh Peanut has everything you need right here.  From baby clothing to accessories to nursery decor, you won’t be sorry that you made your way to this site to check them out!

My favorite order by far is the Dark Mauve Zippered One Piece. I’m beyond excited to take our baby girls newborn photos in this outfit!

This look is complete with the white sailor knot headband that I ordered from Baby Bling Bows!

Soo cute! I can’t wait to show all of you our baby girl in this outfit!

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