Deals on Sleepers & Onesies for Newborns

It’s no surprise to say that I am a big fan of Amazon. I mean, you can literally buy anything there!

Baby girl is due in just a few short weeks and I was thinking I was going to need more onesies and sleepers. Actually, I realized had NO sleepers for her. All of my mama friends recommended them!

I’m also torn on what I should be buying because, what if she hates what I get?! Some baby’s just don’t like being swaddled, sleepers, ect. That would be a waste of money.

So I went over to trusty Amazon and found GREAT deals on these Carter’s onesies and these Touched by Nature Sleepers (tons of color choices)!

So I also ordered these Amazon Essential onesies which were a great deal. They didn’t have many reviews. But, most of the reviews were good.. So I bought. I just want something to get me through the hot summer with a newborn! When they came in they didn’t really feel like 100% cotton, even after a wash. They were still soft enough that I felt comfortable putting her in them. They were a little see through, by a little I do mean, a LITTLE. But, honestly, they will do for the short amount of time she will be in them. I totally recommend!

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