MamaNuk was created by Kelsie as a fun and warm way to share her own knowledge on pregnancy, her love for mama and baby fashion, nursery decor, health and fitness as well as a variety of recipes. She also enjoys promoting her favorite brands and products. Residing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her husband Jordan and dog Addison, Kelsie works as a Registered Nurse and Blogger.

“I want to share information and products that I know and love about becoming a mom as well as engage with others about their journey and the things they have learned along the way. I love promoting products + small businesses. Both have a special place in my heart, as many of my family members embarked on the journey of creating and building their own successful small business. With the help of influencers + bloggers, like myself, it made the process of growth just a little easier on them.” -Kelsie

When she’s not behind the computer writing new content for her viewers or at the bedside of her patients, Kelsie enjoys being with her family, spending time outdoors, going on new adventures with her family and spending her summers at the beach.

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